A time-travelling messaging app

With Earlynote anticipation is everything - The thrill of receiving a message that can only be unlocked when the sender decides it’s ready, will change the way we think about communicating. Messaging becomes more intriguing, more mysterious, more exciting.
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Hi fellow makers and hunters! Today we're launching Earlynote: a new messaging app that was inspired by letters me and my wife wrote for each other years ago before our marriage. Back then we agreed that we would open these letters far in the future. When writing these letters it felt like traveling to the future. And when reading them it will be like going back in time. What if there would be an app that would allow people to share notes privately this way? In today's world we are bombarded with notifications, messages, information. What if we would take the time to create that one special message? And what if we would have to slow down and wait for a note to unravel itself? Meet Earlynote. We hope this app will inspire you to communicate in new and special ways and would love to hear your feedback!
Fascinating concept! Downloading the app from Google Play as we speak and will let you know if I have any feedback. Good luck!
@kevin_middelbos Thanks Kevin! 🙏🏼
Awesome concept and love the icon as well as the pixel style background.
@manny_orduna Thanks Manny! I appreciate that.
Installed the app to try it out--love the concept and the UI. I was curious to see how long a note could be so I pasted a 400 word blurb over a photo background. I didn't hit a word limit but it did make the font size so small I could barely read it. I'd love to be able to send longer things--maybe after a certain point it could become scrollable, overlayed over the static background?
@mrnwstn Hi Marina, thanks for your message! That is some great feedback and we will absolutely think about that with the team and try to come up with a solution. Great suggestion, thanks again!
This is a great idea. Wow. Downloading now!
@raylosophy Thank you Ray! 🙏🏼