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With so many exciting founders operating in stealth mode how will you ensure you are always getting the best scoops from early stage startups? And how early will you go? πŸ‘€ @adithvictor
Hey @abadesi! There are two ways of collecting updates: 1.) A maker submits it through the website 2.) I get in touch with makers and publish updates Either ways, only those updates are published that a founder wants people to know about. Early-stage News doesn't publish scoops or stories; these are just updates that makers can tell the world about and celebrate. It is a dedicated platform for entrepreneurs to celebrate the little victories (because only millions/billions of $$$ in funding, acquisitions or attaining unicorn status doesn't equate to a successful startup. There are others milestones that have no platforms for makers to publish to) Think of it as TechCrunch but for all kinds of milestones ✌ > And how early will you go? Makers are submitting updates such as launching an MVP/version 1.0 and posting milestones as they keep moving. Other milestones include new features, getting the first user, generating revenue, hitting profitability, etc.
Congrats for launching! πŸ‘πŸ‘
Such a refreshing change-up to the standard type of tech news πŸ‘ Quick and uplifting πŸ‘Œ
@jarrod thanks for the kind words :) Glad you like it
All about the small victories. Love this idea! Have subscribed.
@alexjimandrews It's all about the small victories πŸ™Œ Thank you :)
Love this idea, getting insight on whats going on in the community allows us to support each others projects as well as stay up to date on potential partnerships/competition!
@evan_palmer1 thank you 😊 I will try and make the platform as valuable as possible