The invisible smart earplugs for live music

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Hi Jesús! It's cool that you're doing the job of alerting people to the dangers of being exposed to loud music for extended periods of time. I just bought some earplugs the other day before going to a concert. They look like yours, except the case is made of plastic instead of aluminum, which is not a big deal for me. My question is, how do your plugs compare to everything else out there? Specifically, what's the sound reduction in dBs and the frequency response? Also, "smart plugs" feels a little like false advertising. Developing a "companion app" does not equate to making a product "smart".
@nscmnto what set us apart is the discrete design and the attention to details, like for example the earwax protection that is not present in almost any other earplugs out there. The case might not a big deal, but our compact design and interior tray makes them easy to carry around and easy to use in dark/drunk conditions. Every detail counts. The filters have a sound reduction of 20 dB, but the exact response to the different frequencies we will know once we test it in the laboratory, which will happen after the funding. Yes the earplugs are not "smart" in the sense of "smart device", and we explain that very clearly in the product description, but the word gives the product a better idea of what it is without too many technicalities.
The former classical pianist in me says 'awww hell yeah'. I have an old pair from Etymotic that work well but are huge. Will definitely consider these.
If these can also filter out hi-pitch frequency sounds, you've got yourself a backer! @_jacksmith @jesucarr
@elizabethhunker it provides a flat attenuation across frequencies, so the sound quality is preserved, only quieter
for me, Earplugs are something that never cross my mind... What's does the demand look like for earplugs in general and within that, whats the demand for a better earplug solution?
@bentossell hey Ben, you are not alone. Many people don't think in earplugs when they go to loud nightclubs or festivals (I didn't do either until I got tinnitus). But according to the WHO (World Health Organization), 40% of all teenagers and young adults put themselves at risk for NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) with damaging volumes at entertainment venues. And the number of people attending music events has been growing over the last years. Many people don't wear earplugs because they think they will ruin their musical experience, or because they don't like how they look when they wear them, or because they don't think the music is loud, or because they forgot them. EarDial wants to solve all those barriers. I think earplugs is an increasing need, and I hope more and more people get awareness, and the demand for a high-fidelity, discreet and compact solution like EarDial will increase too.
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@jesucarr @bentossell I listen to a lot of electronic music, and I've noticed that nightclubs and concerts are getting louder and louder as time goes on (perhaps because their patrons are losing their hearing). It's pretty absurd.. I want to tell these people, no, turning the volume up only makes your already bad sound systems and space even worse.. but I digress. I wear earplugs anytime I go to these events now, as they're often in small spaces where they just crank the sound up. You'll see a lot of smart DJs using ear plugs if they don't have their headphones on, and remember they're behind the speakers to begin with. Earplugs also make it easier to hear people talking, and they'll help prevent the ringing that you'd otherwise hear for the next day. A lot of people won't wear them because they think they'll look stupid with bright orange earplugs, which might be true, but you can find darker colors too. When people do notice I have them, I usually hear them saying "that's a good idea" or "I wish we had some". With people growing accustomed to wearables, and with more smart earplugs and earphones coming on the market, maybe we'll see a shift in thinking.
@bentossell Ben, actually ear protection is a must if you do not want to suffer hearing loss at a young age and still want to enjoy placed that are loud like clubs, concerts etc..
Great !! I like it