Stream the playlists of your favorite celebrities

Listen in on your favorite NFL player while they’re getting hyped in the locker room, your favorite snowboarder while they’re in the halfpipe, or your friend’s music while they’re pregaming for the party tonight. Follow someone famous.
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This is a cool concept. @rrhoover you might like this
@aaronoleary you know I'll check out every co-listening music app at least once. :)
Hey everyone! I built EarBuds to connect people together through music! More specifically to see what your favorite athletes or role models listen to in their biggest moments. However, you don't have to a "celebrity" to stream on EarBuds. Come share you tastes with your friends and battle it out with your friends who has the best playlists! We are hard at work trying to make our product an incredible experience for everyone! Please let me know how we can make it better! Thanks!!
Such an exciting new way for influencers to engage with their audience 🔥
Really awesome concept.
Interesting concept. So is it automatically generated at all, or just playlists they have to manually prepare?
@imogen_happy We sync your Spotify or Apple Music accounts (or both), so you will have all your same content there at your fingertips! We even allow you to search either of their whole catalogs to add any song that you think of in the moment without having to go back to Spotify or Apple Music!