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Your guardian proofreading angel edits your emails and texts

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@robertnachum7 Thanks for the hunt! To our friends on Product Hunt: We're so excited to get this out to you all! Our vision is to create clear channels of communication and allow anyone, anywhere to write well, without barriers. We help people with dyslexia, business people, students and others to write proper emails and other texts. Having dyslexia myself, it was exciting for me to join and volunteer at eAngel and help promote the solution, which uses real professional proofreaders to correct and improve your texts in minutes. eAngel is a decentralized network of Angels with a mission to improve global communication. There are various ways you can use our proofreading service. If you're using Gmail, you can add our browser plugin, then have your email proofread by clicking a buttone. If you don't have Gmail, that's fine; simply send us your email via a designated email address or through our website. You can get the Gmail plugin here: http://eangel.me/gmail-plugin We are also proud to officially launch our Word add-in here: https://store.office.com/app.asp... With the add-in you can have your .docx files proofread directly from Word. If you don't use Word, simply upload the document here: http://eangel.me/proofread-word-... When you get the corrections, you can see the tracked changes and choose which changes to accept or reject. If you have a Wordpress blog you can add our plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ea... , and if you don't use Wordpress simply send us your page link and we will correct it here: http://eangel.me/proofread-a-web... And, of course, we also have a mobile application you can use. eAngel is great if you want to have your marketing materials proofread or to send polished emails to your customers. We also have professional proofreaders who volunteer at eAngel, and our long-term goal is to reduce prices as much as possible while maintaining quality. We’re offering 1,000 words for free to the first 30 people who use this link to register and try our service: https://eangel.me/r/hb35yp9 - To the rest we’re giving 500 words. Please share any feedback or questions. Thanks again!
What’s the difference between what you guys are doing and other proofreading services?
@yoav_aziz We believe that our product has the best combination of speed, quality, and pricing. You are welcome to give it a try. Furthermore, our price depends on the quality of your original text: if you have a better level of English you pay less than someone who needs more help and has a lower level of English. So, essentially, the pricing is adaptive to your needs. Besides that, you can correct many types of texts: emails, articles, web pages, Wordpress blog posts, Word documents, and more.
I've been using this service for some time. It works like magic! Do you support all languages?
@robertnachum7 We support a few languages: English, French, Spanish, German and more on the way.
What is your response time?
@yanivgoldenberg Our median response time which is published on our website, is 4.5 minutes. This is the median time it takes us to start working on a task.
I use it during the last year and really love this service!
@vassiliph Thanks for the support Vassili :)