A design library to help you be more organized

Eagle helps you become a happier, better designer. A new way to collect, search and organize your image files in a logical way and all in one place.
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9 Reviews3.9/5
I dreamed about this kind of app and Eagle just made it :) Just make a try you won't regret it! A must have whatever if you are designer, product manager or maketer as I am ;)
Updates have been coming monthly and each one brings many great features. The user experience makes sense and is easy to figure out how to use. Lots of great organizational features and filters. I've been using this product for over a year (maybe 2+?) and it's great having the security of keeping all my high resolution images stored and not requiring an internet connection to browse images. Currently only for desktop though so I'm looking forward to a mobile version.
For a long time, I've wanted an offline catalog of inspirations I can reference for my design projects. Eagle fulfills exactly that and more. It's fast, supports GIFs/videos, has a straight-forward web clipper and does image annotation. I can organize, search and browse through hundreds of items I've collected without any lags. Also, the tagging interface (with tag groups) is extremely thoughtful — I can categorize assets across different dimensions very easily (e.g., by platform, by subject, by style, etc.). If you're a designer, I recommend Eagle over Pinterest, Dribbble buckets or other online-based collection platforms. Speed is a huge factor when looking for prior arts that you could show to your team as examples for what's possible.
The best collect app I have used!