E-GO 2

Yuneec's next version of it's electric skateboard

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My E-GO 1 just burnt through it's 2nd motor (1st motor lasted 13 months, 2nd motor only 3 months..). Hopefully the 2nd version is a bit more reliable with it's parts
@kristofertm I have had this exact same thing happen to me.
To see a true product test I'd have to see @caseyneistat giving it a run through I always think they look so cool when in videos but don't feel like it would be very useful for me, maybe because Wales is a v wet country!
@bentossell I think there's one reason @caseyneistat would be partial to Boosted, and that's top speed. E-GO's go like 12-15 mph (which is plenty fast for me navigating through NYC traffic) but some folks like to kick things up a notch
@bentossell @caseyneistat I got one Ben, I'll be happy to let you ride it if you plan to visit Algolia HQ in Paris :) I like it very much ^^