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Before Coinbase's Shift card came out, there was e-coin card. And the major difference is that you can use this card anywhere around the world.
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This is cool, nice hunt @StringStory! I made a GIF :-)
@nivo0o0 that gif makes it look likes its magic. Bitcoin is magic internet money!
@nivo0o0 Really cool gif! I hope you don't mind we are sharing it other places.
I've used this card few times (real, physical card) and it works well. Downside is that card has actually balance in EUR/USD (or whatever currency you choose) and you need to exchange your bitcoin to that currency on E-Coin website before spending. There is no realtime BTC to currency exchange as you paid in store, but you need to do it beforehand. However it is still really fast and great way to spend the coins
@marek We personally think its better to convert to fiat when the exchange rate is at a more favorable rate. You can convert bitcoin at a rate you like and then spend it anywhere you choose.
I've used e-coin's card since the capital controls were imposed in Greece, and it works great: https://blog.vrypan.net/2015/08/...
@vrypan We have many customers in Greece. If the government was to freeze your bank accounts they cannot touch your bitcoin. Plus using e-coin you can still get access to fiat at any ATM and use your card to purchase anything. I recommend all bitcoin holders to have a card.
Does this work in the UK?
@nilefrater Yes it works in the UK and is available in GBP. The company is actually located in London.