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After the success of the Facebook groups 'Bots' from @MattPRD and also Botgig, I actually thought of starting a European focused version of it. I didn't because I've no time and also I think that if the Facebook group can be moved to a site then the geographical constraints can be covered in a better way. (IMO a facebook group is hard to manage, especially for over 5k members) I just feel that these bot-related companies should be really connected and not fragmenting them based on location. How does this compete with sites like Botgig? Geographical location often doesnt matter in startups. it could be better to chat with Matt and propose the European.
@bentossell @mattprd I agree that Geo doesn't matter, but shouldn't bot developers know the language they're writing the bot for? I mean, if someone needs a french or spanish bot, wouldn't it be better/easier for a local dev to do it?
@sandrojazzar @mattprd yeah obviously a benefit of writing it in the correct language...but that doesn't mean that a french dev lives in France ;)
@bentossell @mattprd hey, another bot group - cheers mate :) Great work:)
After seeing a lot of you guys come up with such great Chatbot Platforms and Chatbots I am happy to announce that we have launched the first European Chatbot Network that connects Chatbot Developers with Businesses and Investors. We really love the enthusiasm surrounding the topic and are really happy to be part of it! Feel free to contact us :) Fabian
@fabian_beringer Great idea, I hope you can bring enough players to the game. Good luck!
The site could really do with some explainer of how it works and the process too.
@1greigcranfield I agree. Could lead to trust issues here. Is this a way of testing the idea only or is there any actions after subscription?
URL doesn't seem to be working for me?
@torbahax our hosting provider messed up on the server.. It is back up and running!
Sounds like a good idea! It would be great if there was a short description on how it works for each party, before signing up!