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The Dyverse is a blockchain-based marketplace for 3D characters. These characters can be used in AR mode to create videos for Instagram or any other social media. You can also use them in Dyverse-partnered games. If you own a particular character, it belongs to only you and no one else can use or own it.

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Rudy Lee
Head of Global Business @Zepeto
Hey PH community! We launched the Dyverse, a blockchain-based marketplace for AR characters called Kydys. What's unique about these characters is that you can use them in our AR app Kydy (which we also launched on PH last year!) to create videos that you can share on any social media platform. Also, we've partnered with the blockchain gaming company Enjin and more than 25 game developer companies so that items and characters from those games would be sellable and tradable on our marketplace. By extension, you will be able to use the Kydys you buy on the Dyverse market in those games. (This feature is WIP but it's definitely happening. Soon.) We love building AR products, and we're stoked to bring AR experiences to the blockchain and gaming worlds. Plus, if you own a Kydy, no one else can use it or buy it (unless you sell it) so your social media content or in-game character will be literally one-of-a-kind! To commemorate the launch of Dyverse on PH, we're hosting a giveaway campaign offering 23 original rare Kydy AR characters from the Dyverse to people who follow us on Twitter (@Dyverseofficial) and tweet about what kind of AR characters they’d like to see next in the Dyverse. Tweets must include the hashtag #mykydy and will be accepted until February 17!
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Lachlan Kirkwood
Digital Marketing Specialist
It's like an AR tamagotchi. Can't wait to try it out!
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Good luck!


so cute:)


It looks awesome! I like it:)

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oh amazing product @this_kim
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Innovative fosho ツ Could've upvoted even for the gif tbh 🙌
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