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If I can dry my hair in half the time it usually takes, I will be a buyer. Much better for travel than any usual travel dryer. A high quality consumer grade hair dryer is ~$150. Pricing seems ok to me. Free would be better, but so would roaming herds of unicorns.
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Dyson come out with some pretty cool products - I really want the Fan. A move into the beauty industry is really interesting. You can read the coverage in the Telegraph James Dyson launches £299 hairdryer in shock move into beauty industry
Nice brand extension, Dyson (no pun intended). Love the demo videos on the homepage.
@rrhoover *edit* temporary glitched. worked after a few minutes.
There's something to be said for re-designing products in a new and sexy package that have perfectly suitable, in use and price, alternatives.
@mkhoury absolutely. I won't say the Trimmer by Walker and Co is simply a repackaged product but it's certainly marketer well and far sexier than traditional trimmers. cc @tristanwalker
I would really like to see Dyson tackle the toilet. Surely there's a better, more efficient way to do the toilet.
@jadojodo But their wheelhouse is air movement, unless you're suggesting a vacuum for your bum... not terrible I suppose.
@joshuapinter I believe some high end Japanese toilets already have this feature!
@joshuapinter LOL. Be sure to start with the lowest setting, dude 😉