Daylight constantly changes
We developed a unique time, date and GPS-driven algorithm to calculate the colour temperature and brightness of daylight. Software was supported by data selected from over a million measurements.
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Charles Magnuson
Professional Consumer
Looks like Dyson simply made a couple small changes to their CSYS lamp so that they could charge $100 more for each lamp. At $500, it was very difficult to justify the cost of the CSYS lamps, but now that they start at $600, their cost is just too ridiculous to justify. I own a couple CSYS lamps (which I got at a large discount) and they're alright. They certainly aren't anything special compared to a sub-$100 lamp. It's a shame that Dyson has to price their products so that they are out of reach for most consumers.
Christopher SpillerLeading @ Workaround Labs
At this price, the lamp should come with a voiceover from Jony Ive explaining the nature of light.