Professional GUI Client for DynamoDB

Dynobase is a modern GUI tool for DynamoDB. It helps you accelerate your DynamoDB workflow with faster data exploration, code generation, bookmarks, and more.
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👋 Hi ProductHunt! Around 6 months ago, I spent 3 days debugging some data problems in DynamoDB. While it’s a great database, I found the experience of the console suboptimal. Jumping from Chrome window to Chrome window, I kept constantly retyping the same queries, the pagination was annoying, and the speed wasn’t right. I wanted to change that. Finally, I’m super happy to announce that Dynobase is live after 5 months of development. This is a result of my own pains working with DynamoDB console and community feedback. It’s free to use for 7 days. Some of the notable features are: ⚙️ Automatic Query Code and Types generation 🔖 Bookmarks and History 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Multiple profiles, tables, and tabs support 📥 Import/Export from and to CSV/JSON 🚨 DynamoDB Offline support I would love to hear what you think, comment below and let me know your feedback / questions, thanks!
Hey @rafalwilinski, This is amazing!! A question though - When would SQL support be live?
@parinfuture As DynamoDB is NoSQL DB in its essence, this is a non-trivial feat to build SQL-compatible layer on top of it. Right now we're in the discovery phase looking for the best ways to implement it, both from user perspective and backend-wise. Nevertheless, I think the read-only SQL mode should be ready before the end of March.
@rafalwilinski Awesome Rafal! Best of luck for Dynobase :)
Hey @rafalwilinski - can Dynobase be used with Localstack?
@nwpointer If you start DynamoDB from Localstack on Port 8000, then yes! Right now, I hardcoded the port value as well the region to us-east-1 because these are the defaults for dynamodb-local image from AWS. In next version I'll definitely make it flexible so you could use different ports and virtual regions.
@rafalwilinski Awesome! Thanks for the info :)
Cool product ?makers! Does this effect Dynamo read throughput at all?
@gregkop If you're performing queries - yes. The amount of read capacity consumed depends on how much data you request. By default, the amount of data read by scan or query is limited to 5000 items but you can change it. Generally speaking, the costs of running queries via Dynobase are negligible since one user cannot perform too much queries at once, actually it's within free tier in 99% of cases.
@rafalwilinski got it, makes sense! Will give it a try
Does it support Ubuntu? Trying to download the tool in the homepage but it's says "No download available for your platform"
Found a page with the installer in your Github repo: https://github.com/Dynobase/dyno.... But I guess the OS detection in our website might need some adjustment