Tired of looking at the Mojave desert day and night?
Dynamic Wallpaper Club is the first platform to create and share Dynamic Wallpapers for macOS.
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Since we three are designers, we were amazed by what Apple implemented with Dynamic Desktops and at the same time disappointed that only two wallpapers were included and there was no way to easily make them yourself. We then decided to make it a community effort to come up with good designs and provide a tool free for everyone to use to create your own Dynamic Desktops.
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Love this idea. It always bugged me that when iOS introduced dynamic wallpapers (remember those?) you couldn't add your own. So glad it's easier on macOS. I've gone with your earth and beach ones and they look stunning! Great product!
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@rick_m1 Thanks! And yes, we know that problem :) Unfortunately iOS dynamic wallpapers again work in a different way...

What more can I say, they're beautiful!


Really nice selection of wallapers, great that the site's been done as a sharing community


None that I can think of

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Love this project, @grischa_erbe. Nice touches with the daytime/nighttime modes.
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Thanks @rrhoover! We are also working on a completely new way of creating these wallpapers, think of it more like a video editing interface...
Niiice! I was searching for new ones some months ago, and couldn't find any good ones. I added a few to a folder, and opened them in the desktop preferences. The thumbs look like the default image, see https://imgur.com/lsbukYN - Is that an OSX bug, or something you haven't added in the files yet?
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Thanks @jvdmeij! This unfortunately is a macOS bug! It's minor, but annoying and not very 🍎. Let's see if they address that in Catalina!
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@grischa_erbe Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, not very 🍎. Hope they fix it :-)
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