Dwolla Dashboard and Admin

The keys to managing your Dwolla API integration

An intuitive interface for managing customers, viewing transactions, and finding business trends.

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James Eliason
Director of Product, Dwolla
I am one of the Product Managers for this product and we’re really excited to launch the Dwolla Dashboard and Admin (or as we refer to it internally, DnA) on ProductHunt. The tool was in response to customers of our White Label API platform. They appreciated the simplicity of the integration, flexibility of the platform, and the seamless experience the API provided its users, but something was missing. Organizations need more than a utility to move money, they need real-time insights and quick ways to support the integration for their users—much of which is done by non-developers in an organization (e.g. CFO, customer service, etc.). So we designed DnA to extend the business value Dwolla creates for platforms to their support team. We wanted it to be lightweight and intuitive. Today, it manages customers, shows transaction details, and helps find business trends, all in real-time. We’re excited to build upon this in the future, but would love to hear what you think today. THANK YOU! Special thanks to our makers! It’s not everyday ACH looks this sexy! @sausman @shea_daniels @troyblank @jareddellitt @jameseliason @steenharda @toivonena14 @therockstorm @spencerjhunter @jeremiahwingett @mtravi @mississa
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Charley Ma
Head of Growth @ Ramp
congrats on the launch!! this looks sweet :)
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Rayhan Rafiq OmarChief Detail Officer, Unmortgage
I thought Dwolla was replacing ACH?
Jordan Lampe
Director of Comms, Dwolla
@rayhanrafiq Why can't we do both? A faster infrastructure with a better, more dynamic and accessible application layer? Sounds like a pretty badass national payment infrastructure, if you ask me.
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Ben MilneFounder, Dwolla
@rayhanrafiq FiSync ( https://www.dwolla.com/fisync ) is a technology that could in theory, replace ACH transfers ( https://www.dwolla.com/ach/ach-t... ). Unfortunately, it has not been fast nor easy to distribute and get connected to big banks. There's a lot of new changes in the market since that technology was released and it seems inevitable many more faster payment systems will come online over the next few years. As we discovered, building tech to move money in real-time is the easy part :) In the meantime, customers still need to move money! Dwolla's white label customers ( https://www.dwolla.com/white-label ) are using ACH to move money between bank accounts in the US. A huge advantage to using Dwolla is there are no transaction fees, you can instantly verify accounts, there's no need to go negotiate with a bank, and now you can easily manage customers/transactions in the applications you're building without building your own admin. FiSync is still an underlying settlement process as a part of Dwolla's platform but it's not the primary one customers use to move money between US banks. ACH still has the most cost effective connections than other US settlement systems. It's just hard for most businesses to use. The white label APIs and products make ACH a heck of a lot easier to use for developers and that's really the core value they bring.
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