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Here's a write up on Dwell's ambitions to take on Houzz and Pinterest. Check out this article introducing Dwell Beta to get a sense for how they're using interactive photos to drive conversations, engagement, and product placement.
It's a very elegant interface and I absolutely 'get' what they are doing. I like that they have used qualitative feedback from readers' questions about the content of images to develop this image commenting UI. What kind of publishing will you be engaging in? Is this for designers? Or magazine publishers generally to use as their online outlet?
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This is way way two thumbs up I worked in residential furniture at the beginning for a decade and have been in the commercial workplace for the last 20 specializing in open plan design and CRE Tech Our vertical has desperately needed a minimalist tool like this Both Houzz and KONTOR are too complicated in design--this hits it right on the mark---beyond brillant
Am i the only one getting this error going to the site "Unsupported Browser"? Although I have the latest chrome installed.