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Ouriel Ohayon
Ouriel OhayonHunter@ourielohayon · KZen, CEO / Co-founder isai (VC)
yup. people still use netflix for dvds..
Lewis Bertolucci
Lewis Bertolucci@lewis502 · Founder, Sellyhoo - Selling made simple.
@ourielohayon It's interesting. Perhaps the boomer / senior market represents an underserved or area of growth. More than 10k boomers age-in to 65 each day. This demographic is probably still using a DVD player and will not adopt streaming as readily as others. If this market is in the millions of users, makes sense to not forget such a large market.
Greg Willis Parisi
Greg Willis Parisi@gregop · CIO
@lewis502 @ourielohayon or simply folks that don't have the bandwidth at home to stream continuously in HD (or even lower res). There are still rural areas without fibre.
Chuck Burt
Chuck Burt@chucksense · Head of Growth, Popcart
@gregop @lewis502 @ourielohayon When 3Mbit down is the best you can buy, streaming is not good.
Lewis Bertolucci
Lewis Bertolucci@lewis502 · Founder, Sellyhoo - Selling made simple.
@gregop absolutely right. My parents aren't even that rural and still face that exact issue. My dad would prefer to pop in a DVD than have to fight with a crappy streaming experience.
Jonathan Robert Pedigo
Jonathan Robert Pedigo@honan · Javascript Developer, Paintzen
@lewis502 @ourielohayon I use dvd service because Im a film major and the movies I want are only on there
Ernie Smith
Ernie Smith@shortformernie · Editor, Tedium; journalist
The comments joking/quipping that Netflix is going after old people or underserved markets are really, really bad and misinformed, guys. You do realize that there are a whole lot of movies available on DVD that aren't on streaming, right? Understand the audience and the value case, just like everything else.
Brad Roldan
Brad Roldan@bradroldan · Product Development
@shortformernie Totally agree. I use DVDs to supplement my streaming sources. Physical media offers guaranteed high-quality audio and video to those that care.
Bill Sengstacken
Bill Sengstacken@billsengstacken · Vice President of Marketing at Cinchapi
@bradroldan @shortformernie Well.... that presumes no scratches, and that your DVD firmware is up to date. I remember a few DVDs not working when Netflix sent them.
jasonjwarren@roamandwander · CEO, R+W Studios
@shortformernie Does anyone know the ratio of the Netflix catalog for DVD:streaming?
Ernie Smith
Ernie Smith@shortformernie · Editor, Tedium; journalist
@roamandwander Per Variety [1], Netflix had 4,563 movies and 2,445 series as of last April. (It's a smaller library than its competitors.) Per Motherboard [2], Netflix's DVD service has 93,000 movies. So, for every streaming movie Netflix has, it has 20.3 DVDs, including likely every movie on every other streaming service. [1] http://variety.com/2016/digital/... [2] http://motherboard.vice.com/read...
Garrett Green
Garrett Green@garrettgreen · dev in training @fullstack.
What's a DVD?
Leo Bassam
Leo Bassam@leobassam · Founder, CEO at Plutio.com
@garrettgreen its a D in a V in a D! ;)
I love getting newly released 40GB Blu-ray movies with 7.1 surround sound shipped to my doorstep. Until full quality high-def video and audio is streamable, disk based media won't die.
David Weaver
David Weaver@david_weaver · Co-founder - Vintage Cash Cow & GoalMad
@gollyjer 2020 :'(
@david_weaver We can hope. I doubt it will be that soon though.
Stephen Shivers
Stephen Shivers@stephen_shivers · Director, Product Development @remax
You haven't experienced a film until you've viewed it with the pops and clicks of vintage DVDs.