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yup. people still use netflix for dvds..
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@ourielohayon It's interesting. Perhaps the boomer / senior market represents an underserved or area of growth. More than 10k boomers age-in to 65 each day. This demographic is probably still using a DVD player and will not adopt streaming as readily as others. If this market is in the millions of users, makes sense to not forget such a large market.
@lewis502 @ourielohayon or simply folks that don't have the bandwidth at home to stream continuously in HD (or even lower res). There are still rural areas without fibre.
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@gregop @lewis502 @ourielohayon When 3Mbit down is the best you can buy, streaming is not good.
@gregop absolutely right. My parents aren't even that rural and still face that exact issue. My dad would prefer to pop in a DVD than have to fight with a crappy streaming experience.
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@lewis502 @ourielohayon I use dvd service because Im a film major and the movies I want are only on there
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The comments joking/quipping that Netflix is going after old people or underserved markets are really, really bad and misinformed, guys. You do realize that there are a whole lot of movies available on DVD that aren't on streaming, right? Understand the audience and the value case, just like everything else.
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@shortformernie Totally agree. I use DVDs to supplement my streaming sources. Physical media offers guaranteed high-quality audio and video to those that care.
@bradroldan @shortformernie Well.... that presumes no scratches, and that your DVD firmware is up to date. I remember a few DVDs not working when Netflix sent them.
@shortformernie Does anyone know the ratio of the Netflix catalog for DVD:streaming?
@roamandwander Per Variety [1], Netflix had 4,563 movies and 2,445 series as of last April. (It's a smaller library than its competitors.) Per Motherboard [2], Netflix's DVD service has 93,000 movies. So, for every streaming movie Netflix has, it has 20.3 DVDs, including likely every movie on every other streaming service. [1] http://variety.com/2016/digital/... [2] http://motherboard.vice.com/read...
What's a DVD?
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@garrettgreen its a D in a V in a D! ;)
I love getting newly released 40GB Blu-ray movies with 7.1 surround sound shipped to my doorstep. Until full quality high-def video and audio is streamable, disk based media won't die.
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@david_weaver We can hope. I doubt it will be that soon though.
You haven't experienced a film until you've viewed it with the pops and clicks of vintage DVDs.
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