Duvora® is the intelligent real estate matching engine.

Duvora is a real estate platform which algorithmically matches pre-qualified home buyers with motivated sellers of real estate, as well as the real estate agents who represent them.

Our pre-qualified home buyers are matched using a series of data points as well as human-to-human outreach programs.

Each buyer is displayed on our platform in a kind of marketplace format (much like Google Shopping or Amazon), allowing for home sellers to easily search and locate buyers by desired price range, method of purchase, bedroom/bath count, square footage, etc. This allows sellers to quickly zero-in on the perfect buyer for their home and contact them directly or through their real estate agent.

Home buyers are intelligently matched, based on personalization algorithms, to on (and off-market) home inventory.

“Off-market”, or “pocket” listings are homes for sale, yet are not widely known publicly or posted on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Duvora dramatically reduces the time to market to sell a home, as well as offers a more discreet way to sell or buy a home.

The platform is currently available in the Greater Los Angeles area and will be releasing in surrounding regions very shortly.

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Could you please share a bit more information on how the 'intelligent' part of the platform works @derekdevore? Sign up includes completing a Typeform - what happens next?
Hi @abadesi. What happens next is that our system will begin matching the home buyer to homes or matching homes to buyers (in the case that the user submitted a potential home for sale). Behind the scenes, the system parses the data to give my team a filtered list of potential matches. My team will then contact the buyer (or seller) to get more details about their personality, style preferences, motivations, etc. as well as social media profiles (if user agrees) etc. in order to hand-pick the lists of inventory which is sent back to the user. As we continue to grow, we are constantly replacing more and more of these manual processes with automated ones, however we will always employ a human-approach to the home matching process.
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