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Hi there Product Hunt! Thank you Stefano for hunting us today, we are very excited to present Duuoo to the community. With Duuoo you can automate the tedious work of setting up 1-on-1s with your team members and focus on talking points that matter most. Why is this important? Because according to Gallup’s research 68% of your team members are not engaged at work. By running regular 1-on-1 meetings, managers can focus on what’s really important: people. By keeping team members engaged, managers can increase retention rates and increase productivity - just to name two advantages with Duuoo. As a special gift for the community, I would like to offer you three months free for an unlimited amount of teams so you can test out our product. We are very much looking forward to the feedback of the Product Hunt community! I wrote a Medium post on the thought processes that drove us to build Duuoo, find it here: https://medium.com/@greenlieber/... Kind regards: Dennis, co-founder, Duuoo
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@greenlieber great work! This looks super promising 💪🏻
@greenlieber This looks like a seriously smart and much needed product. Wish every manager I had used something like this... How come nothing like this existed before now? - Is there an enabler (or a set of them) that made sense for this to exist now? Tnx!
@jmarovt To be frank, the HR tech space had too much focus on "Top management" needs building influence tools like surveys and people analytics, etc. Not what the manager/team members needs to drive a culture of communication flows. So that's why 1) HR is indeed seeing a lot of change now 2) Managers never got the support and the focus on their needs to execute better 3) slack is enabling us to tap into current infrastructure helping teams on a micro level to start moving onto tools like ours.
@greenlieber Good stuff! Here's my feedback: I like: · 🎨 The UI just feels good & clean. · 🌍 The problem you tackle (make it dead easy for busy managers to have an automated flow for 1on1) Possible improvements: · 👣 Onboarding: I would have expected the bot to either make me choose an initial 1on1 date & time instead of being forced on a default that was the next day at 9AM (and worst: my invitee was prompted that this would be the date of the meeting 😬). Maybe at least initiate a discussion between the Manager and the Employee (just like it does when I reschedule). · 👓 Clarity for employee: Also some people in my team mentioned they were confused by what was shared and what wasn't after they completed the pre-meeting form. · ✨ UX: Some quick design feedback too: the UI is really nice, but the UX is quite confusing for some actions: the main CTA was sometimes below the fold during the onboarding, despite the fact that there was plenty of whitespace. Also the layout for the team page is another example of nice UI, but arguable UX: I'd rather see a clean custom table than big tiles where I have to scroll to find the 8th person in my team 😉. With that said: Very nice product overall. Also well-aligned with our bigger vision here at Officevibe. Cheers and best of luck. -Dan.
@danbenoni Thanks a lot for the feedback and kind words Dan! To make it brief: · 👣 Onboarding: Agreed - in the future we’re not going to set a specific time for the very first 1-on-1, but rather let people start it whenever they’re ready or schedule a specific date at a later point in time. We have a pretty sweet shared-slack conversation with the Duuoo bot that makes it easy to schedule the meetings. · 👓 Clarity for employee: The confidentiality of the 1-on-1’s is extremely important to us - and the whole idea of sharing notes before the meeting is new to a lot of people. We’ll definitely look into it! · ✨ UX: It’s a balance for sure. As much as we’re love thinking and talking about employee engagement every day, we’re building Duuoo just as much for people who don’t live it every day, so we’re definitely leaning more towards the occasional users (given that it’s ≈1 mo. per team member) than the heavy daily power users.
I know Dennis and the team and I tried Duuoo last week with my own team. As a first-time founder and rookie CEO, it's a super helpful tool to get a structure around nursing my employees. What I like most is that it's light weight, pretty damn easy, and easy to use...because Slack ;) Oh yeah, and I felt like a good manager too *pads myself on the shoulder*
@rasmuss that's amazing this is not only for the new managers/CEO - everyone needs help to run 1-on-1's better or a lot gets lost in the process.
This looks great. At my previous gig I had zero one on ones in my first year of employment. Crazy but true. Ways to bring one on ones to the fore, make it effective and easy to do are an easy win. Congrats on the launch, execution here looks ace 🙌
Thanks @fredrivett - exactly the point that it's so simple but have a major impact on team members which why we see this as a great opportunity to change the relationship and build trust which leads to the happy team that every manager wants.
Great job @greenlieber and team! We've been using it for a little while now in beta and I must say I'm impressed. Really puts the 1-on-1's on auto-pilot. I love the way it sets up the meeting automatically, gives you talking points (so stuff doesn't get awkward) and you can enter agreements between you and your employee to follow up on. Great product, very much reccommended for managers, team leaders and CXO's! EDIT: I forgot the awesome Slack integration. Getting a heads up/notification just before starting is great.
@dereckbreuning thanks for the amazing feedback!
Been following Dennis for a while after meeting him at SXSW. Great man. Great leader. As for Duuoo: Clear vision. Well executed. As a fellow founder, I love to see things so cleanly executed by friends. As an angel investor, I love seeing something taking on a big problem with an elegantly simple solution. Great job Dennis and team.
@brennan_white thank you so much :-)