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dutchie is the easiest way to order cannabis products from the best dispensaries near you. Search the top marijuana stores, find the best cannabis products, place an order online, and pick it up or have it delivered in under an hour.
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Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
Seeing products around this world pop up more and more, giving clear rise to the fact that it's becoming normal now, I do wonder how long it will take for complete legalisation though
Andy TithesisFailed Buddhist Monk
What side do you plan to pass the dutchie on I would like to know? Thanks.
I tried to help one of their customers automatically update his product menu and they wanted to charge him more money each month for having automation. In the end they refused to allow us to integrate telling us that we are not worth their time and resources. This is the attitude they have towards paying customers, this may be a good enough reason to avoid this company. We were told that allowing us access to their already built API so we could push updates would put too much strain on their systems for what is was worth to them because our client only has 1 location and the point of sale he uses was designed by in-house staff. This company does not deserve your business. They should be willing to work with anyone who is a paying client. We are not asking for special treatment, more than 15 other point of sale companies were given permission to access their API.