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The startup scene in The Netherlands is growing at a rapid pace, with companies like Adyen and WeTransfer raising big funding rounds, the Dutch startup scene is ready to conquer the world even more! Together with Maarten and Tim from Founded X, Peter, Robert, Bastiaan and myself curate this weekly newsletter which is filled with news, articles and events that involve the Dutch Startup scene. Join over 1000 other people and stay in the loop on what's happening in our awesome little country ;) And remember: It ain't much, if it ain't Dutch. (^^ That's our Queen)
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Go Dutchland! ;) Great initiative. @bramk: any PH collections you know of with products made in Holland?
@bramk @mvdheuvel Thank you sir. 22 and counting... not bad!
O.K., so I counted: 65. Hate to go there, but: @bramk yours is indeed bigger :P
Very cool! Can't wait to come over from London to check it out. Big fan also of Neelie Kroes too bad she ain't in the commission anymore! ;)
@stefanritter We love Neelie as well! Right now she's working on Startup Delta, a Dutch initiative to boost the Dutch startup culture. We're very happy with that!