Splitting bills effortlessly

Splitting the bill is the awkward pause that could disrupt an otherwise perfect evening. Step up your game by doing it seamlessly with Dutch.

Simply snap a picture at the table or upload a photo later from your camera roll and we will read the items and fees for you. From there, it's as simple as assigning items to diners. Taxes, fees, and tip are split based on each diner's portion of the meal.

The best part? Everybody gets a copy. Effortlessly invite all of your friends so everyone can see the receipt — no more "can you send out a picture of the receipt?". It really doesn't get any easier.

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Hey everybody, Super excited to see you here. We started this project to challenge ourselves to build the best receipt parsing model and the most modern, intuitive user experience for splitting bills. It has been an exciting journey and we hope to continue bringing you seamless experiences. Please let us know if you have any feedback, comments, or questions! Thank you.
i've tried a couple of these apps and i always have trouble with them. they have such good intentions, but every time i try to use it in a restaurant with a half dozen people, it takes longer than simply estimating and leaving a decent, rounded up tip. most of the time spent is the processing of the image and fixing the errors. how does this combat those problems? does it split it up into people automatically?
@thejeremycarson There is no silver bullet for the experiences you've had in the past, the models simply were not strong enough. Barring inaccurate text classification, we believe our model outperforms other parsers (currently optimized for receipts in the US). Our decision tree factors in hundreds of receipts taken by our beta testers. There are, on occasion, cases of overfitting, but it will continue to improve over time as we observe more cases. That being said, the current feature set of Dutch reflects what we think is also missing from the existing experience, namely inclusion and persistence. It should be seamless to invite your fellow diners to the receipt. They should be able to clearly see the breakdown and reference the image, long after they've left the table. As for splitting items up into people automatically, that feature's already making its way into the next release. We'd love to hear what you think when it comes out.
use it all the time, loving it
When will there be the Android app?
@_alexfi In the pipelines and will be in progress very soon! We're hoping for a 1-2 month Android release. We will also be rolling out to different countries as we gather more and more training receipts from our beta users that are based outside of the United States.
@raymond_ma Probably I will forget about this app till then :D
This is really cool! I can totally see myself using this with friends during meet ups :) May I ask how you process pictures of receipts into its digital version? Since receipts lay out are always different and it list down food items differently, will Dutch maintain its accuracy? Thanks :)
@marcelc63 As you pointed out, It's pretty unrealistic for us to come up with something that would get everything exactly right. There are so many variations in which the items on a receipt are formatted, the quality of ink used, and conditions in which the image was taken. We're hoping that OCR paired with records of the actual receipt and collaborative edits from the invited users for a receipt, splitting the bill becomes less painful. Of course, it's never going to be as quick as dividing the bill evenly. Even for those that tend to split the bill evenly every time we can still provide value by giving all parties involved a copy of the receipt.