A tactical, roguelike, sci-fi, survival horror game.

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Ulas Bilgenoglu
Ulas BilgenogluHunter@ulasbilgen · Founder @ RadMule Labs.
I usually hunt mobile games, but I can't help myself to hunt Duskers even though it's a Windows game, and I primarly use Mac :) Duskers is quite original, you use a CLI to control your drones for salvaging spaceships. The idea and the gameplay is novel I think. It's in steam early access program, but you don't need to worry, cause it runs without any problems. Btw I don't know how but when I tried to run Duskers on my Mac while writing this comment, it installed and run properly. I'm not sure if it's a new Steam feature or if it's because I have Wine on my Mac. But the Steam page shows it runs only on Windows.