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Robleh Jama — Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
I had a chance to try out an earlier version of Dusk and the first thing I thought was Chat Roulette 🙈 but it's actually closer to Secret with a few twists. Firstly, Dusk focuses on video and hides your identity by pixelating the video and masking your voice. And secondly, the content from what I've seen isn't toxic. People are using it to speak about serious and sometimes personal issues. Congrats @koridhandy @_mitchellporter on getting this out! How long did it take you guys to build Dusk and how do you plan on ensuring it's a safe environment to express yourself?
Kori Handy — Design Founder @designfirstapps
Thanks for hunting us Robleh! Dusk was a bit of a passion project, the world needs this now more than ever. People need a place to express their true voice and be themselves without prejudice. This was an awesome app to build we had a ton of fun but it was really freaking hard at the same time, I have an amazing team (Mitchell Porter and Allen Hurst). We. built in all the right security features (blocking, muting, reporting and keyword recognition to block certain words) We also curate the feed until the community grows and can take over by self policing. We need this to be a safe place where people feel like they can share anything, happy to answer any questions, and we hope you enjoy Dusk (iPhone,iPad and tvOS)
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