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Create your own private cloud at home

Store, Sync, Backup, Share and Access your files from anywhere with your own private cloud.
No complicated installation. No server required.
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Calum Webb
Community & Social at Product Hunt
Hey everyone! Duple is a fantastic tool to create your own private cloud, easily and quickly. Ultimately, the goal is to allow you to take better control of your own data, while still having the functionality and accessibility of storing your files in the cloud. I do wonder, how reliable the connection is, if you may be hosting the cloud yourself🤔
@calum thanks for mentioning us!! Just noticed it now. Much appreciated, glad you like what we're doing with Duple! To answer the last part of your post: when you're at home the connection is very reliable because you use your own local network, so it works better than a normal Dropbox. When you're outside it depends on the internet connection you're using. If you live in a city you should normally have a good internet connection so you won't see the difference between using Dropbox or Duple in terms of connection reliability. Any questions don't hesitate :-) Thank you!
Connor BreretonSoftware Engineer w/ 3 Patents
Do you have to use your own hardware?
@connorbrer You use your own storage to host your private cloud.. You can use your Router, NAS, Raspberry Pi, Smart TV... We offer an app that can convert any file storage system into a private cloud. You can can even put it on an Amazon S3 or equivalent. :-)
I love the idea and this is the perfect time as I'm about to cancel our Dropbox account. However: no desktop or mobile apps, no web app. Only cli for mac and linux. Also what about this "lifetime discount" if I'm willing to put in a monthly contribution for being an active beta tester? Discount for what?
@hans_sep thanks for your message, happy to hear you like the idea! Desktop apps with normal interface are coming within the next couple of weeks, and Windows next month, followed by mobile apps. Regarding your question, your monthly contribution as a beta tester means you will get a lifetime discount on the monthly price of Duple once the beta ends. As there will be a monthly subscription for Duple, it means you will get a 70% discount on the monthly price. Hope that answers your question? Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions :-)
Paroma IndiloCo-founder of datacy
really like the idea. Can you elaborte on the security you are suign to ensure user data remains private, both when connected to a host device (eg smart TV) and during network transit?
Hey @paroma, founder here. Glad you like the idea! To answer your question, during network transit we use SSH (one of the safest protocols around), and regarding host device we will have End-to-End Encryption, nobody will be able to read your data expect you (and the people you choose). Hope that answers your question! Any other questions don't hesitate to reach out :-)