A WeChat competitor from Chinese tech giant, ByteDance

Duoshan, a new WeChat competitor from Bytedance allows users to record and send each other short videos that disappear after 72 hours. It is currently available in beta for Android

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ByteDance is a beast. Those outside of China may be less familiar with it. Quick stats: - Founded in 2012 - Valued at $78B as of late last year, making it the most valuable tech startup in private markets - Owns Tik Tok (which just announced has 250M DAU users in China alone), Toutiao, and others It makes sense for them to go head-on with China's messaging leader, WeChat. Curious to hear peoples' POV on this. In 1 year, how many DAU do you think Duoshan will have?
@rrhoover DuoShan 多闪 had 1 million downloads in their first 24 hours. Heavily pushed by Douyin 抖音 (Chinese version of TikTok) in-app. Default messaging in Douyin is now through DuoShan多闪 too.
A new Wechat competitor from the owners of TikTok, Duoshan aims to focus on allowing users to send short video clips that last no longer than 72 hours.
I love Tik Tok so I’m miffed I can’t get this yet.
@delwilliams TikTok is so good