Make split-screen, synchronized videos with nearby friends

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Pedro H. Marques
Pedro H. MarquesMaker@marques_ph · Entrepreneur and Product Designer
Thanks for hunting us, @syedaliahmed! There are a lot of video apps out there, but @rcdeveloper and I wanted to allow people to have a different way of expressing themselves, to be able to tell stories with a friend who is actually by your side. People can now capture the same moment together from two perspectives/angles. Of course they could record a video using their iPhone camera and then put them together using some collage app, but with Duomov we are not only making all of that extremely easy and intuitive (and 100% synchronized as both recordings start at the exact same time!), but also creating a new format for social videos. Here's a real Duomov, made during our Beta in a wedding party:
As for use cases for the app, we expect people to use Duomov in all sorts of situations, from concerts to sports events to hanging out with friends. Fun fact: Duomov does not need an internet connection to work. We use peer-to-peer tech through the iPhone’s wifi (to use the app, users need to have the wifi turned on, but they don’t need to be connected to any network). Additionally, the app does not have any login system or backend. Happy to answer any questions you may have!
Ali Ahmed
Ali AhmedHunter@syedaliahmed · Founder, Robomart
Great new app that lets you record videos with friends at the same time. There were a few apps similar in concept, @marques_ph what's the story behind Duomov, would be great for you to share?
Raphael Cruzeiro
Raphael CruzeiroMaker@rcdeveloper
Thank you so much for this @syedaliahmed! I wrote a post on Medium detailing how it was to develop Duomov in 29 days. Think of it as a "making of" Duomov: https://medium.com/@raphaelcruze... As always, happy to answer any questions!
Joe Ringenberg
Joe Ringenberg@jringenberg · Director of Design, Wistia
This looks really fun - I love the spirit of collaborative video, and working offline seems like a clever way to avoid a whole ton of problems. Any plans to add more collaborators? And then allow each one to cut together a different version of the same event? That would be cool.
Pedro H. Marques
Pedro H. MarquesMaker@marques_ph · Entrepreneur and Product Designer
@jringenberg hey Joe! Yes, adding more collaborators is definitely something we want to do! We're thinking to allow up to 4 people to record at the same time. We plan to add some other stuff as well (filters, for example) as well as have an Android version out soon. I hope you can play with the app some time and let us know how you feel about it! :) Either here on the comments or by emailing us directly (hi@duomov.com). Thanks!
Pedro H. Marques
Pedro H. MarquesMaker@marques_ph · Entrepreneur and Product Designer
The Next Web wrote a piece on Duomov, guys! We can only be thankful for all the love we're getting! Thanks all! 😄 Link: https://thenextweb.com/apps/2017...