Switch between reading and listening to the same story

#4 Product of the DayDecember 22, 2016

Duobook is an eReader and audiobook player that lets you switch between reading and listening without losing your place in the story.

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Hi Everyone! We're super excited to launch DuoBook today — an app that lets you switch between reading and listening to the same story. We're a small, lean team inside a larger company (Findaway), and we built this in 12 weeks with a team of three. We're launching with a very small catalog, but more content is on the way soon. We're focused on testing out the idea that people will read more if they aren't restricted to a single format. @alexwglenn (lead iOS developer), @tanie_a (business/strategy) and I (product lead) will be around here all day, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on DuoBook, and answer any questions you have!
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@willdages @alexwglenn @tanie_a Love it! As an NYC subway rider, it's annoying having to stop reading when switching trains. This seems like a nice solve.
@perrycd101 @willdages @tanie_a Thanks! We love hearing about situations in life that DuoBook can make better.
@willdages @alexwglenn @tanie_a I love this! I don't know about everybody but this is AMAZING! Please sign me up! 🚀 PS: I second the integration with Google Home/Echo. The ability to listen to a book in my home by being relatively passive would be HUGE! Great Job @willdages, @alexwglenn, @tanie_a!
@as_austin @alexwglenn @tanie_a Thanks Austin, we love hearing this! 🙌 High fives from the whole team 🙌
@willdages @alexwglenn @tanie_a isn't this already "tested", as it's the same as Kindle+Audible? I've been doing this for a long time and it's great. It's also similar to Pocket with their newer emphasis on text-to-speech, which promotes a similar mode-swap. I'd say the more complicated issue is getting content. The text and audio will need to be licensed separately, or at least gathered separately if you go the free route (Gutenberg etc) because historically the two media have been created separately.
Can I listen while I read? 🤔
@kevinohlsson This is in the works! We've still got a little work to do but yes, we are planning on letting you do both at the same time. At first, you'll have to turn the page manually, but we are working towards automatic page-turning as well!
@kevinohlsson At first I thought this was said jokingly, but then I thought that would be great. And reading comprehension is multiplied when read and heard at the same time.
@kevinohlsson you can do this with Kindle and Audible integration. The Kindle app plays Audible/Amazon audiobooks directly and it will highlight as it reads and flip pages automatically.
Would love to see Google Home integration. Imagine asking Google to continue where you left off while cooking, cleaning, or hanging out at home.
@rrhoover Yes! We love that idea too, we're big fans of both Echo and Google Home, and agree that would be a great way to continue a story. It's on our roadmap :)
Isn't this the same as whisper sync ?
This is a great idea. I am still surprised that there are no audio books bundled with an e-book. I often listen to audiobooks in the car and then want to read the same thing at night. Well done.
@vinnyjones Thanks Gavin! I'm the same way, I usually have one book I listen to on my way to/from work, and another book I read at night. That use case has inspired a lot of decisions around DuoBook!
@vinnyjones Amazon has been doing this book-audiobook sync for a while, using Audible (which was acquired by Amazon). They aren't "bundled", but you can often get a Kindle book plus synchronizing Audible book for a low combined price.