Chance to save lives. Mobile alerts for your gun safe & more

Cool new way to monitor your stuff. I would love to know if other people are snooping through my stuff when I’m gone.

Duo is a sensor that uses light, motion and a cell modem to send instant alerts when any space is triggered. It can help reduce accidents and identify theft.

Think this could help a lot of people. Check it out at www.duosecure.com

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Here's a much cheaper alternative: don't keep a gun in your house. And definitely don't keep the code to your safe on a loose piece of paper underneath the safe.
Thanks for hunting us! Duo is a new product that helps people have on-demand security when they need it, where they need it. Our vision is to help people quickly and easily monitor a space, and get instant alerts so it creates an opportunity to step in and do something. For gun owners, that means having the ability to step in if your kid or someone else was a bit too curious. For people with assets out in the field, that means having a real-time activity log to establish a timeline to help better track down perps. At it's core, this is a super useful tool to help you be more aware of access to your stuff. [EDIT] Someone just mentioned they bought one to monitor their bitcoin wallet! That's probably the most different one we've heard.

This really looks like the first of its kind. I have seen trackers, and I've seen monitors / alert systems. But nothing like this, that uses both to secure anything from a car's glovebox to a full-size storage unit. I really hope they succeed. We need more things like this in the world.


- fits any enclosed spaces

- uses a secure cell connection (won't fail when power goes out)


- Needs iOS app / Android app to set it up

- 1 year battery life

- Data plan looks like $4/mo.

What's the range the device can detect?
Hey @brady_simpson looks like a really cool product. Besides a gun safe, what's the most common thing that people would want to use Duo to secure? What's the weirdest?
@kaitlynwitman Thank you! Since Duo is super versatile, you can use it to secure + monitor any space like your luggage, a liquor cabinet, or a documents drawer you don't want people snooping through. The weirdest place? Several people said they wanted to use it to track their significant other! Not recommended!