Dummy Card Generator

Generate fake credit card numbers for eCommerce testing

#4 Product of the WeekMay 06, 2016
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Feels awesome to have another one of my side project up on ProductHunt. Check out my other projects here : https://www.producthunt.com/@sai...
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@saijo_george great work - a SAAS app testing functionality which is always needed.
@anupsurendran @saijo_george Stripe already has this feature to test out eCommerce sites...so if you're using Stripe--you're in luck :)
@agreenwaldhq Sage also has it. So does PayPal
@hadifarnoud right, so unless you're using an unfamiliar and potentially unsecure payment gateway--not sure what benefit is.
Basically a much prettier version of http://www.getcreditcardnumbers....
@fzf Just less accessible since you have to make additional clicks to get the numbers.
@dubstrike I am not sure what you mean there are 5 number for each provider on the home screen
@fzf Although this is a prettier site, I prefer how getcreditcardnumbers shows me 20 numbers as soon as I land on their site. Here I have to click 3 times just to get a single number. And if that number doesn't work, I have to start all over. This site would benefit from showing 5 numbers from each provider upfront and a simple "Refresh for more" button.
@fzf I meant for the one on PH. I prefer the one you linked.
@imjasonli @fzf Exactly. I agree with Jason.
I used to work in a web design agency and it was sometimes a pain to test the payment gateways of ecommerce sites we were building. This little tool takes care of that for you!
@riaface thanks for the hunt 😁
@riaface definitely save the day! Thanks!
Great tool to bypass the signups!
@fal Thanks :) with added bonus of name & address.
Looks good!:)
@oleg_avrah thanks buddy