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Jade Clark@jadenyc · PR/Branding Consultant
I tried to back-up one of my gmail accounts last month via the standard instructions Google gives you for this.... have a better shot at time travel. You've won my business.
TheRobHayes@therobhayes · Product for early-stage startups
Nice - should make life a bit easier when travelling for work and bouncing between wifi connections.
Oliver NassarMaker@onassar · Co-founder, Stencil
Thanks Jade. I built Duffel, and at the time tried to use Gmail's classic instructions for backing things up. It was a nightmare. Duffel certainly was an itch I was trying to scratch :)
Doug Astor@theezaven · product hunter-gatherer
@onassar love the product! Probably much more complex, but is there any way to do this on a batch level with multiple emails? I would kill for that!
Oliver NassarMaker@onassar · Co-founder, Stencil
@theezaven Doug! That's already part of it. Just check all the emails you want, and then hit the download button :)
Omri Shabi@omrishabi · Director of Marketing @Woo.io
Nice one. Great concept!
Oliver NassarMaker@onassar · Co-founder, Stencil
@omrishabi Thanks Omri. Send any ideas my way :) oliver@getduffel.com
Dina Emde@dinaemde · Associate VM, Amazon.com
This is awesome! I would have loved using this for the K-Visa application. Compiling Proof of Relationship by printing 2 years of emails was REALLY tedious.
Oliver NassarMaker@onassar · Co-founder, Stencil
@dinaemde Great use-case Dina. I heard that from someone else as well. Hopefully it's useful for someone going through that situation in the future :)