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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2015

Duet.to adds a layer on top of Dropbox technology to serve your files on the web maintaining the simplicity of updating your website by simply saving files in Dropbox.

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Eric Posen
Eric Posen@goeric · Co-Founder & VP of Product at Naritiv
Differences from Site44?
Ross@GoLocalApps@golocalapps · GoLocalApps
Tried looking at the pricing page and it goes back to the home page. I guess you have to sign up in order to find out the pricing?
Fouad Akkad
Fouad AkkadMaker@fouadakkad · Co-Founder UI/UX Designer and Developer
Founder here. Tried hunting duet.to couple days ago, but it was already in review. Thank you Kevin for the post. Hope I'm not jumping in too late :) While duet.to is considerably similar to couple of products out there, we tried them all and we believe we came up with a robust technology with better pricing structure and more advanced features. With one thing in mind, easy and hassle-free static hosting (mostly for designers). Please feel free to ask me anything, I'll do my best to help.
Justin Fowler
Justin Fowler@somewhatjustin · Business Analyst, Upswing.io
@fouadakkad $1.99/month is crazy cheap. If I already have a domain, is that the only cost to me? Is there a bandwith limit?
Fouad Akkad
Fouad AkkadMaker@fouadakkad · Co-Founder UI/UX Designer and Developer
@somewhatjustin Indeed :) but keep in mind it's only static hosting, and it's subject to our AUP (http://duet.to/aup).
Milind Shah
Milind Shah@computingfreak
Similar products: 1. KISSr (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) offers custom domains and unlimited bandwidth, storage and sites. (KISSr is free for 1 prototype site). KISSr costs $5 per month for unlimited everything otherwise. 2. Pancake (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) (costs $5 a month) offers git integration - Trigger builds when you git push to Pancake. Automatically builds projects based on jekyll, sphinx, wintersmith, etc. All sites get a .pancakeapps.com subdomain and are secured with SSL. Custom domains can be used too.