Duet on Android

Duet display finally comes to Android

Duet has long been the fastest way to turn your iPad into a second display. We are happy to announce we are finally coming to Android today so you can use your Android phone or tablet as a second display for both Mac & PC.
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Do you have any plan to support Linux?
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@rahulda1 welll, just know I'd pay whatever price you set for it :D
Hey guys, I am excited to announce Duet is finally coming to Android! We have privately been beta testing with hundreds of users, working hard to create a robust product that performs well across as many Android devices as possible. We already have stellar performance across Mac, Windows, iOS, and now will do the same on Android 7.1.1 and later (including Chromebooks & ChromeOS). Would love to hear your guys feedback and any features you would like to see!
@rahulda1 i was waiting for this. This gives me a reason to dig up an old Galaxy Note pro 12" and put it to work, as long as i can upgrade it to Android 7+
@rahulda1 Also Touch bar is not available in MacOS Catalina (10.15 Beta)
@andreasfruth Touch Bar coming soon to Android!
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! what's latest In store for other platforms on Mac and pc?
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Anyone else getting a 404?
wowzerrs. i wasn't aware of the apple version neither. i will be trying this today.
@ilknurultanir Unfortunately, it doesn't support Windows, Android, and hundreds of millions of iPads & Macs. But more importantly, Sidecar is a free product made for casual users and we have many features they don't. So even on newer iPads, the serious professionals who want to use the product every day and integrate it into their workflow will likely prefer the performance & customizability of Duet.