Duet Display

Use your iPad as a second display for your Mac



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
How has this not already existed?

Time to pull out my dusty iPad.
Yair Kivaiko — Owner, Kobaiko.com
@rrhoover Exactly what I thought when I first seen the tagline. I was sure something like that was already out there.
Rahul Dewan — Engineer
Thanks everyone for supporting duet and Product Hunt for building such an amazing community! I am honored to say we were nominated for Mac app of the year for Product Hunt! Check it out here!

Duet has launched!

Edit: Theme song for the app:
Isaac Rosenberg — Building MapHunt
@rahulda1 Now I can actually see a use for my iPad.
Amure Pinho — CEO, Blogo
@rahulda1 Congratulations Rahul! Just bought it. Excited to blog using Blogo and using the 2nd screen as the preview widget. Amazing.
Rahul Dewan — Engineer
@amurepinho Thanks! That's great to hear.
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