Duet Display for Windows

Your iPad as a beautiful extra display, now for Windows

EDIT =========== Thanks everyone for supporting duet and Product Hunt for building such an amazing community! I am honored to say we were nominated for Mac app of the year for Product Hunt! Check it out here! https://www.producthunt.com/tech... Hey, I'm Rahul Dewan. I made duet a few months ago for people that carry an iPad but are still power users and need a desktop. There are other solutions, but duet is the only one with zero lag. And today, I'm bringing that to Windows. 1) Download for your desktop (Mac or PC) 2) Download for iOS (https://itunes.apple.com/app/due...) 3) Connect using USB (the same cable you charge your iPad with) And you're good to go. Let me know if you have any issues or feedback either here or on duet's site (We have answered every e-mail till date). Let us know what you do with it! (http://instagram.com/duetdisplay has some great examples). Be twice as productive. Windows Video -
Congratulations Rahul and Mason! Great to hear that the windows version is out :-) P.S. Awesome video hahah
This seems like an AWESOME product. I just bought it on the app store to try it out. Why do you have so many bad reviews though from the last versions? Was there a lag problem that you fixed?
@bradmillscan Thanks so much for compliment! We had some issues with older hardware/software configs in the initial version, but still maintained a 4 star average and sorted it out in late December. Our most recent version had a perfect 5 star average.
@rahulda1 I'm having more issues with it now that I'm trying to use it like a second monitor... when I try to actually work on the 2nd screen, it freezes, lags and completely shuts down :( I was just trying to use it as my 'Messages' window, and I couldn't even see what I was typing heh. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I'll update to the latest version of Yosemite and then report back if that fixed it.
@bradmillscan Cool, also you can e-mail us from the app's menu, be easier to debug through there!
Awesome! I needed a 7th screen.
After a few minutes of trying it out, I love it. It's probably going to be very useful for me when travelling. The app doesn't seem to be able to take advantage of the iPad's retina display though, things appear pixelated as if they are being scaled down, when you look closely. It also freezes here and there, but to fix it all I need to do is go to the main desktop and change the active window, then it catches up. Great app, worth the $11 so far!
@bradmillscan Hey Brad, Mac or Windows? Both have support for retina resolution, but it will require a more powerful computer or it may lag/use a lot of resources. I think you're Windows, did you set the resolution to 2048x1536 in Screen Resolutions?