Duedot app

Duedot App is finally available for smartphone and tablet!

Duedot app is a collaboration platform that helps businesses work together with their clients more effectively for documents and information collection. Duedot bring together file sync, conversations, and collaboration features into one powerful product, allowing businesses to collaborate directly with their clients on dossiers using only one tool.

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Tid bit of advice: All the small or angled screens on a mock-up really distract from the screenshots of the app itself. It's not immediately apparent what the app even is. I just see nice photos of devices with something on the screen. Put more emphasis on that something.
@christinatusio True. The first one is OK through because it shows the app running on both a phone and laptop, so it does serve a purpose (could be done better though). The others are just distracting from the product, agreed.
Hi guys, we’re very excited to launch the new desktop and smartphone application for our last product Duedot! You can download the desktop App for Mac or Windows from the download section (https://www.duedot.co/download-t...) of the website to receive push notifications and access your workspace with a simple click of the mouse right from your dock. And if you prefer to receive push notifications directly on your smartphone, download the mobile App on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/ap... App Store(https://itunes.apple.com/app/due...)!