Dossier collaboration platform

Duedot is a collaboration platform designed by the team at Quokky to help businesses work together with their clients more effectively for documents and information collection. Duedot bring together file sync, conversations, and collaboration features into one powerful product, allowing businesses to collaborate directly with their clients on dossiers using only one tool

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Hi! I am the CEO & co-founder of Quokky. It’s awesome to be here again to introduce our new product: Duedot. After the experience with Quokky App, and the success of our collaboration with a huge network of accounting firms, we have decided to explore a new business designing a brand new collaboration tool focused of dossiers management. We understood how difficult is to collect documents and information from clients and how much time is wasted organizing dossiers properly. This is because current collaboration tools are focused on teamwork and internal communication. However, relationships between different realities, that don’t use the same communication solutions, are rather more complicated. I’m talking about enterprise-client, and that’s why we came out with Duedot, a 100% italian solution that enhance what matters most: relationship! Besides, who could get even a deep-sea diver to communicate with an astronaut! better than us Italians? Slack and other collaborative tools transformed team internal collaboration, we would like to transform the way businesses collaborate with the outside. Duedot represents the simplicity in the way we Italians communicate daily, directly and without too many ceremonies. An immediate and easy to use application, that use the immediacy of a chat to exchange information and documents necessary for any type of dossier: loan, property purchase or request for financing, any activity that involves a contact between enterprises and their clients. We have released the first version of Duedot but our roadmap is huge and so is our list of cool features. In the meantime, however, we would love to hear your feedback! F.