Jot down a task and set up a reminder really, really fast

I've been using Due for a while. It's the best I've found for reliably handling recurring tasks, and the UI makes it super easy to make modifications on the fly. I've certainly gotten my $5 worth.
Like.... Later Reminders? ;)
@pieterpaul right was just thinking that. Lol. I just downloaded later reminders. Interesting that there are two products with almost identical functions on PH today. I wonder which one will take home the crown.
@pieterpaul it looks like they serve two different crowds. Later is extremely simple. It doesn't allow you to choose a specific time to be reminded, just afternoon, evening, tomorrow morning, etc. At first I was like what? But it makes sense for most reminders in our lives which end up not being time sensitive. It's also .99 cents. Due let's you schedule down to the 15 it appears and let's you go back and change the time if need be. Cost 4.99. I would have loved to have been able to change the time if I needed to in Later but I get what they are trying to do with making things dead simple
@isiojeabulu clearly 2 different design approaches indeed, simplicity vs. something a bit more flexible. I guess Later Reminders took the crown... not sure if it's related to the price though ;)
If only for the price ($4.99 is way too expensive for this kind of app), I prefer Later App. They should at least compare prices.
the best. and oh i tried em all