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New Podcast dropping today! With Father's day coming next week, we take a look at the impact fathers have on us and the impact we make on our own children. We ask, Who's Your Daddy? -------------------- As men, much of who we are, or who we think we are is informed by our relationship with the man who made us, our father. Whether he was present and engaged, disconnected, or not in our life at all, the relationship with our father has a great impact on us as men, husbands and fathers to our own children. The Dudes higher purpose is for everyone, and especially men, to ‘Leave Their Mark for The Good of All.’ Through transformational concepts, personal sharing, and playfulness the Dudes cover a wide range of topics to support disrupting the automatics we encounter personally and in our organizations, so we can be self expressed and live the lives we’ve always desired. Dudes of Disruption Social Media: Like the Dudes on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dudesof... Follow the Dudes on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoDtalkradio