Towel-lined lounging apparel for men

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Howie Busch
Howie BuschMaker@duderobe
Cooler than a romper, DudeRobe is lounge-wear that's more dude-friendly (live on Kickstarter)... As a lifelong entrepreneur & successful inventor/product developer, I come up with new products all the time. My products are sold in retailers around the world and I coach others to bring their products to market as well. As a former sports agent & attorney, I’ve worked with countless athletes and sports-based properties. I did Under Armour’s first ever licensing deal with the NFL, negotiated multiple World Series of Poker contracts with ESPN and helped my football client, Bill Goldberg, become Goldberg, the worldwide wrestling phenomenon. So I’ve seen things “blow up.” And when I came up with the idea for DudeRobe I knew I had something special. And so far, reaction has been incredible (we funded on Kickstarter in 2 days). I came up with the idea for DudeRobe watching my wife in her robe after her shower every day. I wondered, “Why isn’t there anything for me to wear after the shower?” Not being much of a robe guy, I was left with my usual t-shirt or hoodie with shorts or sweats. It looked fine, but it wasn’t very absorbent. So I did what any inventor dude would do. I went to Walmart, bought a bunch of towels and headed straight to my tailor, Josè. I asked him if he could make a hoodie and sweat pants from the six Walmart towels I gave him. Josè just nodded and smiled. BOOM! They came out even better than expected (because Josè is awesome!) It felt great and looked pretty damn good for a bunch of Walmart towels sewn together…but something was missing. I mean, if you’re a dude, terry cloth is for inside only (at best). That’s when I came up with the idea to make the outside from hoodie material…because that you could wear anywhere. And the DudeRobe was born. Enjoy it as my gift to you, the dudes of the world…dry off & chill in lounging apparel made just for you.
@duderobe "I came up with the idea for DudeRobe watching my wife in her robe after her shower every day. I wondered, “Why isn’t there anything for me to wear after the shower?”". ....why didn't you just use her robe/buy another one? So bothered by the trend of protecting men's fragile masculinity by creating a "man" version of a product. https://pointlesslygenderedprodu... https://www.buzzfeed.com/erincha...
Joshua Pinter
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
@robbywar @duderobe Nailed it. Looks like a robe to me.
Howie Busch
Howie BuschMaker@duderobe
@joshuapinter @robbywar Take a closer look Josh...one piece is robe-style, but there are shorts and/or pants that go with it. And an over-the-head hoodie option. Haven't seen that in any robes (that's why i came up with it). Make sense?
Howie Busch
Howie BuschMaker@duderobe
@robbywar Don't let this bother you...can't we all just get along?
Marshall@hypecraft · Independent Human
Really, the only robe for men? I've got a robe from Lands End in my closet right now that's made specifically for men. And it's never once made me question my masculinity.