Dude I Need a Truck

Instantly connect to a local Dude with a truck πŸš›

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I'm assuming this applies to 'Dudettes' too? :)
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@bentossell Absolutely! I am Dudette #1 :)
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@bentossell We welcome all Dudette's who own trucks to sign up!
Kudos for the best service name I haven't seen in a while :joy:
@miszynski Wheeee! We love the name too :D
@miszynski Thanks Marion.. It definitly always puts a smile on someones face. Which is one of the reasons why DUDE exists. :)
lol, this is a great idea for all the times you need to move something but have a small car
@rotemthegolfer Thanks! This happened to me before we launched the app. I had to rent a truck by myself! #yuck
@rotemthegolfer can't tell you how many times I've had to visit a u-haul or ask a friend to borrow their truck. We built a company that solves problems for ourselves.
Looks awesome :)
@oleg_avrah Thanks Oleg! Designed it myself :)
@mowie @oleg_avrah Thanks Oleg! True story
Dude, our team is so stoked about being featured on Product Hunt! What a blessing in disguise! #Rockon #dude
@mowie I know I had people blowing me up this morning and didn't know what they were talking about when they mentioned they found us on product hunt. i'm a big fan of the site and check it every day so I knew we had a profile but didn't know we were trending on the front page. Thank you PH team!