DuckRails is an open source tool for developers to quickly & dynamically mock API endpoints.

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some context from the site: Its main purpose is to allow developers to quickly and dynamically mock API endpoints. Why mock? Some reasons to mock endpoints: The service you want to consume: is still under development is not available and you don’t want to implement the mocking inside your code. There’s also another interesting point which transforms the DuckRails from a development tool to an actual API (the tool needs a lot of improvements though in order to be used like this in production): Since the mocks can be configured to be dynamic, you can actually wrap your actual endpoint and enhance it with new data, transformations on the original data and whatever else you can think of.
@bentossell Thank you for posting this :D
@bentossell Thanks for hunting this, it will save lots of dev. efforts especially while writing unit test case.
looking forward to sitting back and collecting those fat duckrails royalty checks for the next 100 years
seriously though this solves a very common problem. me gusta mucho. star'd and will be forking
Sorry, couldn't help myself
Yo - CTO --- you're life just got easier --- thanks for a cool and very useful product!
Ah wow, so API mocking is always a pain. I sometimes use VCR (for Ruby) and sometimes I just do the mocking myself (which has it's flaws). I'll check it out, looks promising especially with the web interface