DuckFace App

Turn your friend's faces into ducks

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This is ducking riduckulous:
@rrhoover the best part I think is that @suzywillow was considered too good to be "ducked out" 😂🐤
@rrhoover what the duck?!
@ems_hodge @rrhoover you quack me up... Waddle you do if you already look like a duck @filixmog ??
@rrhoover this is hilarious~!
The idea behind this app is to put a smile on peoples face. FaceHero uses Microsoft facial recognition API. Its my second attempt to make something interesting with this API. so I chose the silly route of replacing a face with rubber duck. :)
Duckfaces for everyone. <3
Because duck face is the trend ;)
Best use of MS Azure API's yet - they built it for this type of stuff