Dubsmash 2.0

From silly lip-syncing to full featured video messaging 😜

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Dubsmash blew up shortly after it launched a few years ago. Not bad: Makes sense they're expanding to messaging, a common evolution for apps that start as broadcasting utilities (e.g. Instagram Direct). Will play with this later today (my username is rrhoover).
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@rrhoover was wondering how they were doing on the charts... some slip. My experience is that messaging clearly improves retention, and the fact that people were using text and other platforms to message each other and share means in app messaging will keep people on the app longer. All makes sense. Also raised a $5.5M series A in 8/15. With they type of funding you MUST evolve.
With the latest version of Dubsmash we want to give friends the possibility to interact within groups. We will add much more functionality in the future to make group interaction even easier. Excited to get your feedback :)
@jonasdrueppel Cool! Excited to try out the new version. Curious how you think competing with Snapchat now that Dubsmash is focused on video messaging.
you should also check Lipp (like Dubsmash but the opposite way sound over famous video memes) check https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Couldn't get it to work the first time. Excited see/hear what happens :D