Simultaneous front & back smartphone video app

DUBL is a brand new Android app that allows users to simultaneously record video from both front and back cameras on smartphones, tablets, etc. Why just take a Selfie or a Groupie when you can take both at the same time? Capture events from both directions, record your own documentary or just have fun using, recording and sharing DUBL !

Reminds me of Frontback from ~4 years ago.
@rrhoover Yes, we saw that app too but it never did true simultaneous capture or video to the best of my knowledge. Amazing platform you have going here.....truly amazing! Thanks
Amazing idea + product! Will this eventually be available for iPhone/iPad? 🍎
@zelena We will make DUBL available on iOS as soon as Apple allows and I will keep you posted.
So cool. Why is it not available in my country?
@mane_gharibyan Just red tape..it will be there very soon.
@jeff_scaman Hope soo. Can you notify me when it's available?
@mane_gharibyan Yes I will. It may be as early as today.
@mane_gharibyan DUBL has just been published for global distribution. It may take a few hours for the app to propagate throughout Google servers but it should be there soon. Thank you for inquiring.
The app freezes the back camera and only records the front camera. So the produced video has a still image at the top and a video below. 😕😕😕
@patrick_udeh Thanks for the feedback. What model of phone are you using?
WoooooW. The world has been looking for this for so long!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
@jan_tatev_jan Thank you for your comment. DUBL is now available worldwide.