Don't look for your next job.

Ever been bombarded with calls and emails from recruiters promoting irrelevant jobs? dubl connects you with the right Recruiters (or agents, as we call them). Create a profile in minutes, specify what you're looking for and see high quality, vetted agents. You're in control, so agents can only see your profile if you've reached out to them first.


  • Austin TeagueFounder, CEO @ Vendly

    Interesting homepage


    Broken login/registration

    The LinkedIn login doesn't work and there is no way to register though you can login with an email.

    *Edit: You can, the button says "Sign In" but it can also create an account :/

    Austin Teague has used this product for one day.
  • AriellaAssociate Tech Director, 87AM

    Great onboarding process


    Not in US

    This is a great concept, however not until I signed up did I find out that they are UK based. Non of the agents will be able to help me as I am looking in the US for a job.

    Ariella has used this product for one day.


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AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Hi @timohilhorst @frustopio @yosnoor please tell us more about this project - how did it come about?
@abadesi thank you for your interest! Here's the story behind dubl: Although starting a new opportunity can be very exciting, looking for a new job is a painful process. Wouldn't it be great if you could outsource your jobsearch to someone? One of our friends told us she'd been using a single, amazing Recruitment Consultant for years. This was someone she knew and trusted, someone who understood her industry and valued the relationship with her as much as he valued the relationships with his clients. Over the years, he helped her find some great opportunities that helped her progress in her career. This guy almost acted as if he was her personal Agent. Inspired by this story, we set out to help more people find their ideal Agent. We found examples of people who'd had similarly positive experiences, but they had one thing in common: they had met their Agent by chance. That's exactly what we're trying to change by creating a new way to connect you with the right Agent.
Divyadeep Sawhney@divyadeepsawhney
Hey! I like the idea. Is the platform free for both candidates & recruiters? What's the pricing?
@divyadeepsawhney thank you for the positive feedback! We're in validation mode at the moment so we're first trying to figure out how much value it adds to either part of this marketplace. Until we've worked that out the platform is free for all users. Best bet at the moment is that future monetisation would be on the recruiter side but that totally depends on what we can learn over the next couple of months.
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@timo_hilhorst kewl. Checking this out now as I’m on the job hunt for remote marketing/ ad work rn. Thanks!
Patrick Lane@patrickryanlane
Love this idea, and the story behind it mirrors my own experience for sure. Right now I’m experiencing huge wait times to access the site >5mins and I just encountered an error when I tried to sign up. Just wanted to give you a heads up @timo_hilhorst. Hopefully it’s just temporarily crashing under that Product Hunt traffic!
@patrickryanlane thank you so much for flagging that up! I haven't been able to replicate this but we'll have a look first thing in the morning! So sorry for the inconvenience!
Patrick Lane@patrickryanlane
@dublornothing no worries! I’ll see if I can replicate and DM screenshots as well.
@patrickryanlane amazing thanks!!
Patrick Lane@patrickryanlane
@dublornothing looks like it was a localized issue. I can’t replicate the issue, sorry for the hassle! Looking forward to trying this out.
@patrickryanlane glad to hear it! If you have any feedback, suggestions or if you run into any other issues please feel free to get in touch with us via hello@dubl.xyz
Tried to sign up with LinkedIn but it didn’t' work. Is the site under load? Please help.
@theleovogel really sorry to hear that. We're looking into this right now We've had two other people today with the same issue so we're assuming it might have something to do with how we're using the LinkedIn API. It would be really helpful if you could send and email to hello@dubl.xyz with a link to your LinkedIn profile and let us know what email address is attached to your LinkedIn account. For now, if you'd like to sign up today you should be able to sign up with an email address and password as long as you don't use the same email address that's attached to your LinkedIn. Again, really sorry for the inconvenience.
@theleovogel we've finally worked out what the problem was (it was related to how we were handling some of the information we got back from LinkedIn) so if you tried again now it should work (although I appreciate you may have already have signed up using an email address and password instead). Thanks so much again for flagging this up!