Automated calls with any YouTube audio clip to friends

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This is a fun application designed to prank or cheer your friends. You can use this to send a 59 second audio clip from YouTube as a phone call to your friend. Maybe the famous taken dialogue "I will find you and I will kill you" or the Nyan cat singing its nyan song ;) Anything you could find on Youtube! Just change the youtube.com to dubdial.com whenever you are at Youtube website.
@mkagenius Haha, this is brilliant! Definitely gona try it! Great work! Be sure to cover your legal behinds so you can grow without any issue. On April 1st our prank call product was featured on here and we've been growing ever since! We even have our mobile app and online commercials rolling out to expand operations! Check it out if you like: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... . If you need any tips and such, feel free to give me/our team a shout :D . Best wishes! thanks @rrhoover for tagging us!
@dilyarbatur Thanks! Custom Prank call looks awesome as well. We will surely contact you for some tips :)
Ha! So troll. cc @liveink
I love the idea. Would love to help turn this into a full-blown app