Using iOS 13 to record multiple cameras at the same time

Dualgram takes photo/video using MULTIPLE CAMERAS simultaneously! The app make use of the latest hardware, and therefore supports only iPhone launched in 2018 or later (such as iPhone XR, XS, and iPhone 11).
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Junda Ong
Full Slack Developer, Just2us
It was a close shave. The app was approved just in time with the latest iOS 13 release 😅 Back in June, when WWDC 19 announced the new multi-cam feature, I know it is a feature I very much wanted. There have been many times where I wish I could record the actions on both sides of the phone. So I built the app from July-Sep, then took it on the first field test just 1 week ago, during my family holiday to Okinawa (Japan)
I also secure a nice name @ https://dualgram.com
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