Luxe Premium Raw Denim, from $65. - Made in LA.

I have bought several pairs of jeans from DSTLD, and the value is so worth it. I own a lot of more expensive designer jeans, and I prefer my DSTLD jeans more (wearing them today :P) Great LA company, great style, huge fan of the products. Keep up the good work, guys!
@drewleahy agreed. some of my favorite jeans. So legit.
Interesting. I guess we're seeing more narrowly targeted online clothing brands. Considering I'd spend $50 on a pair of jeans from most any clothing store, $65 for specialty doesn't look too bad.
@SacBookReviewer if you normally spend $50 on jeans, then these are going to be WAY better. As they mention on their site, these are more comparable to jeans that cost ~$180 in stores. It's raw (often Japanese) denim.
@_jacksmith yeah, I'm pretty cheap when it comes to things like jeans. Suit, slacks I'll spend money on, but jeans, not so much. Thanks for the tip.
I've been buying DSTLD for a while back when they were known as 20jeans. Absolutely worth the $.
Couldn't find anything on international shipping: do they ship to Canada?