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I've used Dscout on the scout side, providing feedback for products--and the research is thorough and dense. Although the 'scouts' are paid, the entire community is devoted to making products better and there's a sense that by taking the time and effort to do a good job, you're improving products that you love. On the other side, there are the brands. Brands can gather powerful information from these 'missions'--including reaction videos, daily life photos, and open-response answers. Dscout is offering a deal for Product Hunters who visit today (a screening worth $595) so I think you should definitely check it out!
@kikischirr I think I get it but I'm not sure. Can you give a little more detail about what you use these scouts for?
@chrismessina sure! It's a little like a questionnaire, but way more interactive, and with more forms of media than normal. A typical question might be: What's in your fridge? and it would suggest taking a picture. Other questions could be: "When you're buying electronics, what do you expect from an in-store experience?" and then it prompts for you to talk into your camera to give a video answer. Does that answer your question? :)
Here's an example of a mission that you can apply to. Today, we are doing a an application related to Product Hunt, where you can test out some of the dscout features and familiarize yourself with the app + research methods.
Hey Hunters, Dscout has been around since 2011 as a mobile research platform, and this week we've moved into the Next Era by launching a new website and updating our research dashboard. Teams use dscout to capture product feedback from real people from all across the globe. Scouts (users) apply to missions on their phones, and fulfill these missions by collecting video and picture snippets as they go about their daily routines. You can participate on dscout in two ways; as a scout or researcher. As a scout, you can apply to paid missions and participate in making stuff better by capturing your experiences with your phone. If you download the dscout app, you'll see a pretty fun application related to All Things Product Hunt. It's a great way to get familiar with our product. As a researcher, you can recruit the right type of scout in a screener, and glean awesome insights from videos, opinions, and other data scouts submit during a mission. For Product Hunters who are new to dscout, we are offering a free screener ($595 value), through which you can recruit up to 100 scouts to participate in a mission (which costs $295 + incentives).
Hasn't this been around for a bit though? Or have they made a change to their product that I haven't noticed?
@batraatin Well, I'm not sure how long you've known about it, but they did add a few features recently, so poke around a bit... :)
@batraatin dscout has been around since 2011. We just re-launched our site and have pushed major changes to our dashboard, where you can build screeners to gather basic insights + qualify scouts for deeper research missions (also built in dash).
Can't wait to give it a spin and appreciate the free screener ($595 value!) for PH's! One quick note, after I signed-up the pop-up at the end "Welcome to dscout", I wasn't able to see the second button in full, only the top outline (from hover, appears to be a mailto for a demo)... so could impact your leads. I'm using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 (64-bit).
Excited for you to test out dscout as a researcher!